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Great communication requires creativity

Communication tools and methods are growing at a staggering rate, but the fundamentals remain the same.  Communicating well is a matter of creativity and consistency.  Clerestory helps clients create communication plans capable of inspiring stakeholders to action.  To do this, we identify the core messages that need to be reiterated and determine how to deliver those messages in an engaging way.  We also prepare our partners for the unexpected by crafting flexible communication plans that can evolve in tandem with their most ambitious projects.  We skillfully leverage dynamic personal and virtual communication methods including:

  • Email campaigns
  • Video series
  • Public forums / town halls / road shows
  • Immersive messaging events
  • Text blasts

No matter the project, our team can build a clearly defined communication plan that supports your organization’s pursuit of strategic goals.

Let’s talk about Communications

One-size-fits-all communications fail

Communicating at the wrong time or in the wrong way can wreak havoc on critical projects.  Different groups respond to different types of outreach, and change affects them in unique ways.  Clerestory works with clients to develop a thorough understanding of their constituents before determining which communication methods to use to gain buy-in.

By creating customized plans for each stakeholder group, Clerestory makes it easy for clients to ensure each audience receives relevant messaging that resonates at the optimal time.  This effort creates two-way communication that makes every team member a part of the change.

“We are direct communicators.  Our clients trust us to say what we mean.  Both tact and clarity are virtues.”

Linda Toops

Founder & Principal, Clerestory

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Strengthen your company by aligning culture and strategy

Communication that motivates

“I admire Clerestory’s professionalism and dedication.  Thank you very much for your time and coordination of this project.  The clarity of the communications motivated my team and established stretch goals.  The results of the project are excellent and will serve the firm for a long time.”

Managing Director

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We help people think, act, and interact differently to transform your business.

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