Cultural Change & Alignment

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Your culture can make or break your business strategy

Fast organic growth, changes in leadership, market pressures, M&A activity – all of these affect your company’s culture.  To make things more difficult, companies are comprised of imperfect people hired to deliver units of work.  When achieving your strategy is elusive, remember that when strategy changes…culture must change, too.

  • Business leaders aligned to cultural norms make faster, more efficient decisions because values and guidelines are clear.
  • Strong company culture has a high correlation with employee satisfaction.  Happy employees are more productive and easier to retain.
  • Teams perform to expected standards, understanding the “whys,” and deliver consistently to internal and external customers.

Let’s talk about Cultural Change & Alignment

Great culture isn’t an accident

Your culture is evolving whether you are steering it or not.  Establishing a strong company culture sets you apart from your competition.  Having clear values and a compelling mission creates trust.  Clerestory helps clients reinforce their cultures by aligning resources to reflect strategy and vision across the organization.  Clerestory can identify and communicate your unique differentiators so your people can celebrate and perpetuate them.  For organizations with cultural ambition, this effort can have a huge payoff.

Cultural Change & Alignment

“It’s rewarding to be part of a big change that makes a company better.  There is nothing like motivating clients, calming their fears, and moving them in the direction of their goals.”

Steve Shimkus

Vice President, Clerestory

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“I want to thank you and your team for taking time to help each of us be better leaders of our department and of the City.  Your project with us may be done, but the results will help us shape the future of the City.”

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