Implementation Planning

Clerestory implements complex projects involving people, processes, and technology

It’s one thing to develop a plan…

Clients often call us when well-known strategy firms have left them with an elegant solution and a remarkable bill to pay.  If you don’t know where to start with a business-changing implementation, a great strategy isn’t enough to instill the confidence required to tackle the challenge.

Fortunately, Clerestory consultants are implementers.  We develop solutions for our clients and implement them.  We successfully implement multi-faceted initiatives involving people, processes, and technology.  Our change management expertise enables us to create realistic implementation plans while teaching our clients to confidently take over ownership.  This powerful partnership leads to inspiring progress in the short term and a foundation of continuous improvement for the future.

Let’s talk about Implementation Planning

Our approach operationalizes strategy

At Clerestory, we aren’t interested in being implementation philosophers.  We’re interested in client success.  Whether we’re implementing solutions we’ve created with you or solutions developed by others, we’re change experts with a bias for action.

No matter the challenge, we skillfully organize sweeping strategic plans into smaller, more actionable measures and milestones.  Our focus on stakeholder engagement enables us to obtain top-level executives’ sponsorship and guide your team through the implementation.  Best practices, applied by our PMI certified consultants, engage cross-functional teams to make change happen.

We bring strategy to life by:

  • Clarifying the plan’s implementation roles and responsibilities
  • Encouraging the inclusion of goals and objectives in leadership performance incentives
  • Detailing activities in 30-, 60-, and 90-day increments with success milestones and frequent reviews
  • Translating anticipated support roles into job descriptions and engaging staff accordingly
  • Timing executive communications to encourage and support high performance
  • Documenting and distributing implementation progress reports
  • Formalizing escalation procedures that encourage decisions without delay

“Publishing a schedule for status meetings helps implementations run smoothly.  It encourages participants to be self-monitoring, ties teams to a common timeline, and keeps your program on budget.”

Steve Shimkus

Vice President, Clerestory

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Blueprint far exceeded expectations

“Thank you very much for the project blueprint.  I knew it was going to be great when we were working on it.  When I saw the finished product, I could not believe how well it turned out.  The blueprint far exceeded my expectations.  Anyone who wanted to work on this project would be able to follow the plan you laid out.”

National Account Manager


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Use our structured approach to achieve exceptional operations.

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