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People learn differently.  To develop content, Clerestory integrates proven training methods, instructional design theory, and adult learning principles.  Our training programs are customized to ensure they protect your highest-value assets and complement your company culture.  We influence the success of your adult learners by clearly defining learning objectives and developing training that incorporates a variety of engaging approaches.

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We look at all aspects of an operation before developing training.  Our deep and broad experience with organization design, process design, and technology each contribute to our holistic training development philosophy.  The learner journeys we create motivate people to work in new ways and help our clients achieve their business goals more efficiently.

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“An investment in repeatable training delivers both external and internal rewards.  When you invest in your employees, it strengthens your culture and future-proofs your processes.”

Maura Halbach

Senior Vice President, Clerestory

Michelle Kerr

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Training Strategy

Design training that achieves specific objectives

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Create alternatives that increase the value of traditional training

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Reach audiences effectively with well-planned training delivery

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 “Thank you for all of Clerestory’s efforts in the development and rollout of the new standards and tools.  I am sure the new training and system will revolutionize the project managers’ methodology for executing projects.”

National Director of Product & Development Services

Global Property Management 

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