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Clerestory helps leaders construct organizations that support business strategy

Great Org Design pays dividends

It’s no secret that company leaders own Organization Design decisions and that those decisions have far-reaching effects.  Unfortunately, the perception that organization design is ‘more art than science’ can be intimidating.  Without a disciplined approach to Organization Design, unease sets in and many leadership teams begin and end their reorganization efforts by merely putting different names in boxes.

A haphazard approach produces haphazard results.

At Clerestory, we take pride in facilitating org design decisions with sensitivity and objectivity.  It’s challenging to set aside the people and personalities that you work with daily.  Our structured, phase-by-phase approach is based on aligning organizations to strategy.  We have extensive experience working with small design teams and projects where hundreds of key stakeholders are designing in parallel. Each phase of work has a clear set of deliverables, and we proceed to the next phase only when key constituents align behind designs they have co-created.

Let’s talk about Organization Design

Clerestory designs high-performing organizations

We work with leaders to design organizations in which employees are a driving force of operations excellence.  Based on where your company is in its lifecycle, we carefully guide activities that range from quick assessments of improvement opportunities and critical business functions to total organizational overhaul.


Does a clear vision provide a competitive advantage and governance?


Do the processes, decision-making rights, and technology support the vision?


Do stakeholders have role clarity, power, and authority?


Are hiring and training programs aligned to attract and retain people? 


Are compensation and rewards designed to drive the desired behaviors?

“Creating a clear set of rules for your organization design will make it easier for your team to understand the ‘why’ behind the new design.  This deeper understanding helps team members get behind the changes and eases the transformation.”

Michelle Kerr

Founder & Principal, Clerestory

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A huge impact

“Leadership is committed to seeing through and supporting the great work that’s underway with Clerestory.  You are having a huge impact.  Many thanks for delivering such huge results with your team!!”

Senior VP & CHRO

Fortune 500 Mine Operator and Manufacturer

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Use our structured approach to achieve exceptional operations.

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