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The impact of an organization’s strategy is only realized through implementation

Companies universally invest in developing strategic plans and agreeing to the choices that steer their course.  Unfortunately, these decisions often fall short when it comes to implementation.  Strategy unsupported by resources, plans, and action can’t deliver the intended organizational benefits.

Is your updated strategic plan full of unrealized opportunities for your people, processes, and technology?  Clerestory’s approach of driving plans and implementation with embedded change techniques boosts organizations’ effectiveness.  Developing the capacity for change makes companies more adaptive, agile, vital, and competitive.

Let’s talk about Organization Effectiveness

The difference between efficiency and effectiveness

Organizations of all sizes and structures understand the value of efficiency.  While efficiency is vital, efficiency alone doesn’t lead to innovation, beneficial change, or employee learning improvements.  That’s where effectiveness comes in.  When an organization is effective, it means people are doing the right work at the right time in the right way.  Industry leaders know this isn’t something they can afford to take for granted.  Being both efficient and effective demands deliberation.

Clerestory assists organizations to become more effective by helping them to:

  • Balance leadership resources between strategy, planning, and value-creating tactics
  • Develop and reward talent for both performance and adaptability
  • Drive core business processes with clear roles and clear decision rights
  • Unite to accomplish cross-functional business transformation efforts
  • Establish a baseline and measure critical success factors

“Strong leaders encourage both efficiency and effectiveness.  Be deliberate in identifying the work that aligns with your company strategy.  Challenge your teams to do the right work, the right way.”

Linda Toops

Founder & Principal, Clerestory

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Stakeholder Engagement

Involve the right constituents to deliver project results


Deliver successful outcomes with well-planned communication

Cultural Change & Alignment

Strengthen your company by aligning culture and strategy

A shift for the better

“Clerestory is hardcore.  Your effort translated directly into a brand new business model for a big organization.  Your work shifted our course, and we’re better off for it.”

Managing Director

Financial Services

Change the way you change

We help people think, act, and interact differently to transform your business.

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