Stakeholder Engagement

Clerestory drives results by involving the right people at the right time

People are at the heart of every organization

Knowing how to engage people and secure their ongoing commitment is what sets great organizations apart.  Clerestory helps clients identify the needs and expectations of their internal and external stakeholders to achieve business goals faster and with less resistance.

People support what they create, but they can’t create results until they feel supported.  At Clerestory, we understand that every team and group that makes up your workforce is an individual capable of meeting any challenge if you learn to speak their language.

Let’s talk about Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Engagement holds the key to strategy

Clerestory partners with client leaders to uncover their current engagement challenges and discover the specific needs of stakeholders.  Armed with that knowledge, we help build the environment, structure, tools, activities, and communication channels that will make achieving performance goals inevitable.

We answer the challenging questions that unlock engagement success.

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Change Adoption Planning

Who will impact the success of your next initiative?  How are they going to be best leveraged and supported throughout the change?

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

What efforts are you making to expand diversity in your stakeholder groups?  How are you creating fair and equitable systems to include and engage everyone in your organization?

Performance Management Systems

In today’s war for talent, how can you make sure your performance management system focuses on growing, challenging, and retaining your top talent?

Customer Success Lifecycle

What do your customers need?  When do they need it?  How can you better meet their needs?

“Emerson said, ‘Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.’  Today, stakeholder engagement is key to generating the enthusiasm necessary for great results.”

John Wick

Founder & Principal, Clerestory

More Change Management Capabilities

Organization Effectiveness

Activate the effectiveness of your employees and company


Deliver successful outcomes with well-planned communication

Cultural Change & Alignment

Strengthen your company by aligning culture and strategy

Being a part of the change

“The motivational meetings, the understanding and interpreting, the documentation – just couldn’t be better.  I want to thank you for conveying such a great feeling of being part of a big, big change.”

General Manager

Music Publishing 

We change the way you change

We help people think, act, and interact differently to transform your business.

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