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Clerestory applies strategic change management to ensure technology adoption

Developers engineer software, we engineer adoption

Many companies don’t worry about technology adoption until it doesn’t happen.  Then, leaders face the realization that technical teams didn’t have the time or the training to engage end-users to encourage adoption.  The benefits of large-scale implementations like Workday, Oracle, and Salesforce are in jeopardy when organizations fail to use Change Management.  Technology solutions only work as well as the people who use them.  Not giving enough attention to employee needs during complex implementations can cost a company millions in changes and productivity loss.

Let’s talk about Technology Adoption

Promote technology adoption with Change Management

Engaging stakeholders through meaningful Change Management reduces the risk in your large-scale implementations.  Change Management involves end-users early in a project to reduce the natural resistance people feel towards change.

A Systems Integrator who advises you to spend your change management dollars on training at the project’s end is doling out terrible advice.  The best training in the world can’t compensate for a system built on poor requirements or misaligned with the way that your people will need to work in the future.  Don’t believe that “if you build it, they will come.”

Clerestory’s experienced change management consultants:

  • Engage your end-users in prioritizing requirements against a budget to avoid adding risk and cost to a project.
  • Create business workflows that illustrate how work will be done in the future instead of relying on technical system workflows.
  • Develop honest expectations for go-live with robust User Acceptance Testing (UAT) based on test plans that align with the redesigned business processes.

“When end-user requirements and core business processes are well-documented, it dramatically increases the odds of user acceptance.”

Tracy Hoffman

Vice President, Clerestory

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You hit a HOME RUN

“The results are in, and it appears you hit a ‘Home Run’!  We are off to a strong start.  The consensus from the managers was that the meetings were productive, the requirements were on point, and the new workflows will eliminate a lot of rework.  There is a high degree of optimism and excitement about the potential benefits of the system.  Thank you and your team for a job well done.  We look forward to the go-live in October.”

General Manager

Distribution Company

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