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Training is a journey

Too many companies treat training as a single event.  At Clerestory, we design custom curriculums that engage learners before, during, and after training launch.  We collaborate with your team to build a comprehensive strategy that supports your processes, builds core skills, leverages technology, and aligns with your culture.  The war for talent means developing training that keeps adult learners engaged and enthused is no longer optional.  Fortunately for our clients, we believe training shouldn’t just educate – it should inspire.

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Prioritize the curriculum for your content vault

Clients lose precious time when they struggle to identify and plan for a large training project.  Clerestory expertly creates plans that manage content development, preparation, delivery, and training support.  We take advantage of existing materials and incorporate them into the new curriculum.  If you aren’t passionate about content development, it shows in the final product.  By prioritizing the curriculum to focus on high-impact items, we skillfully maximize the use of your resources and create a plan that will turn your content into an asset.

“Regardless of what change must happen, we are the partners who will prepare you to think, act, and interact differently.”

Phil Clarke

Vice President, Clerestory

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Instructional Design & Development

Convert training strategy into valuable learner journeys

Digital Training & eLearning

Create alternatives that increase the value of traditional training

Training Rollout & Delivery

Reach audiences effectively with well-planned training delivery

Training Strategy is critical to the overall plan

“Your leadership across multiple fronts has been such an important part of our success.  I know I have learned that a keen focus on Training Strategy is critical to the overall project plan.”

Finance Director

Medical Devices 

It’s time to train differently

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