EMBEDSM is our method and the process that makes change happen

Change Management happens with ClerestorySM

Change is what we do, EMBEDSM is how we do it

Companies can’t change unless people change.  3 decades of consulting leadership fostered the development of Clerestory’s EMBEDSM change methodology (EMBEDSM).  Our methodology isn’t a scholarly study written to sell books or a form-backed philosophy created for classroom training.  EMBEDSM evolved and was tested on the job – on thousands of jobs – as a set of configurable procedures and tools that guide individuals and teams to deliver fast and effective results.

EMBEDSM supports Clerestory’s Change Management Principles and is applied selectively to help our team solve the unique challenges of your project.  EMBEDSM facilitates root-cause analysis, strategic decision making, problem-solving, and collaboration throughout five logical phases.  Based on what we learn about your project and what is needed, we select the components of EMBEDSM that encourage project participants to think, act, and interact in ways that promote and reinforce change.

“EMBED’sSM proven phases, tools, and techniques inspire change.  The use of our proprietary methodology allows us to deliver success in record-breaking time.”

Michelle Kerr

Founder & Principal, Clerestory

EMBEDSM is our way of working

Clerestory provides EMBEDSM trained consultants that lead, guide, and work side-by-side with your staff.  We apply aspects of EMBEDSM in every project without adding resources or cost.  We can be your team or lead your team.  Whether you want to learn and adopt EMBEDSM or merely want to benefit from our staff’s consistent approach, we are your Change Management partners.  Our model includes the five phases necessary for successful individual change, and successful organizational change.

EMBEDSM makes change stick

Our five-phase approach provides a framework for clients and teams to work faster and achieve dramatic results.  As a living methodology, EMBEDSM engages our clients in the highest priority activities that lead to project success.  It guides our consulting team to take actions that deliver the results that matter to our clients.  The application of our methodology builds our clients’ skills so they can deliver and sustain solutions for their current project while increasing their organizational capacity for change.  EMBEDSM is an agile framework designed to be flexible based on what is occurring at the moment rather than what is next on a checklist of forms.


  • Aligns flexibly to match project complexity
  • Shortens the change management learning curve
  • Facilitates common language, consistent data collection, and root-cause analysis
  • Creates cross-workstream consistency
  • Focuses more time on value-add work
  • Complements an agile framework because it is not linear
  • Reduces project risk