Change Readiness Assessment


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Before you have spent countless hours planning, preparing, and designing your new system, organization, or process.  Understand if your organization is ready to embrace the future.  A Change Readiness Assessment is a key tool in evaluating both readiness and results.

A Change Readiness Assessment is used over the course of the change journey.  Before launching a change, it provides a baseline of where impacted stakeholders are in their understanding and transition from current to future.  It questions various dimensions of the change including the value proposition and communication.  During and after a change, the Change Readiness Assessment checks in with participants and identifies where adjustments must be made.

Using a Change Readiness Assessment to take a pulse of your organization helps you identify where to focus energy, communications, and other activities. Use the assessment to:

  •       Document perceptions of the change
  •       Assess the capacity for change
  •       Identify opportunities and barriers to moving forward
  •       Compare plans to goals
  •       Note trends
  •       Provide an additional feedback mechanism

A well-executed Change Readiness Assessment arms you with the information you need to prepare and take action.

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