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Impactful Solutions require the right mix of Capabilities

While no two projects are alike, we respond to market changes and technology evolution by bringing specific Capabilities to the table.  These enterprise-wide initiatives often…

  • Require high-level executive support and visibility
  • Affect the entire organization
  • Involve multiple workstreams
  • Engage a wide variety of Subject Matter Experts
  • Include both Project Management and Change Management
  • Rely upon the acquisition of new skills
  • Demand a well-planned and executed rollout
  • Benefit from the coordination of internal and external resources

Post-Merger Integration

The effects of a merger play out like dominoes across an organization.  Department interactions change from customer service to the C-Suite.  That’s why it’s critical to be proactive.

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Shared Services Implementation

Think of shared services as an opportunity to evaluate how work gets done and focus your people on the activities that matter most.  What are the “utilities” that serve your entire organization?

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Digital Workplace Transformation

Transforming to a digital workforce is challenging at all levels, but involving employees throughout the implementation process encourages adoption.  Are you ready to redefine your operating model, organization structure, and culture by making your transition a success?

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software selection solutions

Software Selection

Identifying and prioritizing requirements is critical for successful Software Selection.  Have you identified the deal-breakers that could cause your project to fail?

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Training Modernization

The modern workforce learns at a different pace, requires unique learning methods, and has more expectations for professional development than previous generations. Are you ready to stop squeezing old methods into new technology to deliver custom training that works?

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ERP solutions

ERP Change Management

Successful ERP transformation projects must equally consider people, process, and technology.  System Integrators over-simplify the extent to which work will change and the difficulty of transitioning to the new environment.  

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