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Digital workplace transformation is multi-dimensional

Transitioning to a digital workplace is not as simple as a lift-and-shift.  What worked in the office doesn’t necessarily translate in a virtual environment.  Unfortunately, many organizations tend to view the transformation too narrowly and limit their change efforts to business processes or technology adoption.  The most successful initiatives consider a broader scope and take advantage of the opportunity to redefine their operating model, organization structure, and culture.

This more comprehensive approach may involve and impact employees from the CEO to the front line.  It’s natural for the breadth and depth of these changes to seem overwhelming.  The good news is that it doesn’t have to be.  By following a few industry best practices, you can take steps to make it a smooth transition for everyone.


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Communication is a 2-way street

The amount of change required to transition to a virtual work environment can cause significant anxiety among employees.  People fear new technology, resist new ways of working, and worry about losing relationships or culture.  Clerestory leads transformations that reassure people they will be heard before, during, and after the transition.  We help our clients to take the following action:

Use focus groups or working sessions to involve employees in design

Go beyond email: get creative when communicating key messages

Invite people to share their feedback through multiple channels

Apply feedback continuously to adjust communications and training

Leverage new technology to compensate for the loss of in-person interaction

Design with your employees in mind

The changes involved in transforming to a digital workforce can be challenging across levels of an organization.  Hasten adoption by engaging your people throughout the implementation process.  By involving them in the change, you prepare them to embrace new ways of working.  To help make the transition as smooth as possible, you’ll also want to:

  • Document your business case and establish talking points for each stakeholder group. Employees need to understand what’s in it for them.
  • Assess your business goals, company culture, and ways of working to determine if you have the right technology to get the work done.
  • Design a governance model that mitigates risk while enabling collaboration. 
  • Create a digital workplace strategy and build a robust training program to reduce frustration and ease the transition.

Improve your organizational Change Management DNA

“Clerestory’s efforts – and the assets you built for us – have improved our Organizational Change Management DNA.  We appreciate your leadership.  Your example helped us improve our communication protocols and strengthen our relationships with the business teams that we serve.”


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