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Should you change the way you select software?

Software decisions can’t be made the way they always have been

Evaluating software alternatives can be challenging when technology is changing faster than ever.  No one argues that a business case, business processes, requirements, screening vendors, and organizing demonstrations are normal activities.  Rapid changes in the software marketplace have made the need for change management in the selection process critical.

Vendor viability, software reliability, and ease of implementation are also important considerations.  So is consolidation.  The regularity with which “big fish” eat “small fish” means your preferred software may no longer be on a strategic trajectory.  And what about the cloud?  Is a vendor’s cloud offering software as a service (SaaS)?  Or has the vendor taken traditional on-site software and arranged for hosting in a data center with managed services?

It’s no wonder responsible clients spend so much time choosing the right software.  However, even the most conscientious clients can miss critical elements if they don’t engage the right stakeholders in the selection process.  Change management is an insurance policy that protects your software investment.

Billion dollars spent on business software and services in 2019

Grand View Research, Market Analysis, July 2019

You can trust Clerestory to consider your users’ needs

Software companies and consulting firms that install software, focus on code : not on what will make people successful.  To ensure that end-users adopt new technology, you must install new software and new habits.  At Clerestory:

  • We know software selection is about business discovery.  Collecting requirements and pinpointing those that warrant the most attention are critical parts of our selection process. 

  • We don’t sell software or accept payments from technology vendors.  Instead, our consultants sit on your side of the table, offering objective advice that is always unbiased.

  • Our assistance doesn’t end with vendor selection.  We apply change management, technology adoption, organization design, and process improvement capabilities to get your project across the finish line.


Tips for gathering software requirements

Understand all business and technical requirements by involving a broad set of business and technical stakeholders

 Identify the gap between how people work and the process changes necessary to align them with new software

Use business process design and training to close the gaps while avoiding custom code and dependency on software companies

Don’t short-change requirements gathering to accelerate Software Selection

Take the time upfront to understand the core business processes and the end-users’ pain points.  This encourages stakeholder buy-in and fosters enthusiasm for change while ensuring your selection supports long term business goals.  To do this successfully…

  • Create a holistic project team that’s representative of cross-functional stakeholders.
  • Start your software selection with guiding principles and continuously test those principles throughout the project.
  • Prioritize your business and technical requirements into “must-have” vs. “nice-to-have.”  Let your budget dictate what makes the final list.

Clerestory takes you where you need to go

“You guys have been superheroes throughout this process.  We could not have gotten here without you.”

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Technology Provider

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