Clerestory helps people make changes that lead to excellence

Clerestory is so much more than a change management firm

Change management is in our DNA

Clerestory is the first and only consulting firm that propels every client solution with change management. 

We deliver the project goals while teaching your team to be more adaptive.  Participating in successful change increases your team’s ability to meet the future needs of your organization.  We change the way you change to help you achieve mission-critical goals, align strategy to operations, and impact processes, people, and technology.

We deliver services that achieve lasting results

Clerestory leverages three Service Areas to address the end-to-end operational needs of our clients. 

Change Management

A strategic vision, new technology, and a perfect plan only take you part of the way.  Successful change requires your people to adopt new mindsets, processes, and technologies.  Clerestory’s approach to Change Management eliminates resistance and mitigates risk to achieve success.

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Operations Excellence

Operations Excellence addresses everything from company values to customer experience.  Achieving business transformation requires a cross-functional approach with people, process, and technology.  Clerestory coordinates internal, vendor, and outsourced resources to ensure the success of your mission-critical project.

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Custom Training

Training connects strategy to execution.  To realize the intended benefits of new solutions, employees must be prepared to change the way they work.  Every learner is focused on the practical application of new skills and knowledge.  Clerestory enables average employees to perform like your best employees.

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Clerestory leverages a curated set of Capabilities

We have mastered the skills and knowledge required to lead organizations and people through change.

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Building custom Solutions to enable client success

No two organizations are the same and cookie-cutter solutions don’t work.  Clerestory builds custom solutions that use our curated capabilities to achieve big-picture goals with:

Whatever the challenge, we develop a unique approach by combining our capabilities to achieve change that sticks and benefits that last.

No matter the project, Clerestory helps organizations build change management muscle.  We use our proprietary EMBEDSM Methodology.  It allows us to align strategy to operations, realize mission-critical project goals, and achieve lasting success.

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Clerestory quickly became vested extensions of our team

“They understood us, our priorities, and our business.  Throughout the engagement, the Clerestory team provided clear value, took initiative, advocated for our organization, and worked seamlessly with our team.”

Director of Program Sales

Fortune 500 Technology Distribution Company

Things that make us clearly different

  • We succeed when our clients succeed, unlike other firms who measure success by the size of their fees.
  • We leverage our experience and EMBEDSM Change Methodology to super-charge project activities without adding cost or resources.
  • We recruit and retain outstanding full-time employees instead of independent contractors, so our people share our methods, culture, and passion for achieving client results.
  • We promise to do our work for a fixed-fee, eliminating risk for our clients and building a strong partnership based upon common goals.