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Change Management boosts business results

We don’t manage change, we make it happenSM

Clerestory Change Management experts have a bias for action

Developing strategies, technologies, and training that can transform your business should be an engaging and enlightening process.  With Clerestory as your partner, you don’t have to guess when change management should be incorporated.  Because we seamlessly integrate operations improvement and change management, we satisfy all project needs.  We don’t just lead your team through change.  We are your team.

Clerestory does everything a Change Management “pure-play” firm can do, but we do it better because we do more.  Answering your challenge from kick-off through implementation is our passion.  We are unique in our ability to manage change throughout a project lifecycle. 

We build change management muscle to fortify your workforce

For your investment to create lasting value, people across department boundaries need to adopt new mindsets and ways of working.  Our proprietary change methodology ensures that the immediate results our partners enjoy in every process, organization design, and technology project are sustainable.  We set up client initiatives and participants for success by executing projects that are cohesive, coordinated, and inclusive.  You won’t find a more thorough partner – or one who cares more.

Clerestory’s approach to making change stick doesn’t layer on extra resources or costs, and we never leave the important work of changing behaviors to the final weeks of a project.  With Clerestory, Change Management isn’t an afterthought or an extra charge.  It’s what propels our client projects.  No matter how change-capable your company is today, our change experts can meet you where you are and lead you where you want to go. 

Clerestory’s EMBEDSM  Change Methodology allows us to swiftly and effectively transform business operations.  By leveraging our proven tools and techniques at the right time, our consultants skillfully engage your stakeholders, enlist their support of new ideas, and embed new processes that secure your future success.

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Clerestory’s Change Management Principles can be your North Star

A clear vision with the right sponsorship enables change

Reasons for change should be fact-based and clear

People support what they create

People need to change the way they work

Deliberate communication makes change sustainable

Change Management Capabilities

Cultural Change & Alignment

Strengthen your company by aligning culture and strategy

Organization Effectiveness

 Activate the effectiveness of your employees and company

Stakeholder Engagement

Involve the right constituents to deliver project results


Deliver successful outcomes with well-planned communication

“Change Management shortens the distance between the current state and future state.”

Lovell Martin

Vice President, Clerestory

Leaders are prepared to lead change

“Thank you for Clerestory’s efforts in setting us up for success.  We had great engagement and successfully launched our new processes.  Our team leaders are well prepared for their new tasks across the country.”

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