Who we are

Consulting experts who make change happen

Clerestory was designed to be different

Your business changed in the past 20 years while consulting firms stayed the same.  Every project is still proposed with a one-size-fits-all approach.  These same firms charge by the hour with rewards for the consultants who bill the most.  That’s good for the consulting firm, but is it good for you, your project, and your company?

We knew there was a better way.  For two decades we have engaged with our clients differently.  We spend time with our prospects – at our own expense – to customize plans and proposals.  We mutually agree upon the definition of success and the time and resources needed to support the project.  Then we make change happen as quickly as possible and deliver results for a fixed fee.

Responsive, realistic, and insightful

“Fantastic to work with:  Responsive, realistic, and insightful.  What was impressive to me was our communication didn’t stop when the assessment/report was given back.  Good meaningful conversations followed.  Would recommend and work with again and again.”

North American Change Management Lead

Global Design & Engineering Firm

Why Clerestory succeeds where other firms fail

Our size

Our staff of 65 expert consultants permits us to choose the clients and projects where we make the greatest impact.

Our solutions

We design solutions that begin and end with helping your team adopt new ways of working.

Our team

Full-time employees, using proven tools and methods, achieve extraordinary results through teamwork.

Our leaders

Every project is led by a hands-on senior leader who is held accountable for your team’s success and ours.

We don’t just say we’re different, we are different

Our firm’s founders explain what’s unique about partnering with Clerestory.

Clerestory’s Founders: Linda Toops, Michelle Kerr, and John Wick

Our Leaders

Take a closer look at our leaders

Everything we are is a reflection of our people, and everything we do is a reflection of our firm leaders.  It takes experience to support clients’ mission-critical projects, challenge obvious answers, and offer unexpected alternatives.

Linda Toops


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Michelle Kerr


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John Wick


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Maura Halbach

Senior Vice President 

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Sachin Master

Senior Vice President

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Clerestory begins with a custom plan and ends with the delivery of sustainable results

We put a lot of heart into our work.  Our clients are the well-known companies you interact with on the job, in your homes, when you eat, and where you shop.  Like all big companies, they’ve had disappointing results from software-first IT consultancies and large accounting firms that treat change management as an afterthought.

Clients say Clerestory is the partner they always hoped to find.  We help global organizations achieve sustainable success by focusing on the people who make change happen.